Sizing Guidelines

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How did Fígara begin?

Fígara was started in 2016 by Marta Echávarri, Ana Botella y Beatriz Iraburu, supporting Spanish artisans with sophisticated and elegant designs.

What is it about Fígara that is so special?

Fígara has the design, quality and the authenticity of materials 100% made in Spain. We design each process to produce a unique, delicate product that is long- lasting. Each design is planned out so that ‘you can never say no to the last dance…’

Our exchange policy and withdrawals of our online sales allows you to easily return the item within a period of up to 14 days from purchase date on the receipt. 


How do they make the shoes?

Keep in mind that the shoes are made from leather, therefore if they are initially a little tight, they will adapt to the shape of your foot. If your feet tend to go between two sizes, in this case we would advise you to choose the larger size, to ensure the best possible comfort. 

Here is our size guide:


 Feet Cm


 Feet Inches

35 22.5 5.5 - 6 8.6
36 23 6 9



6 - 6.5




7 - 7.5




8 - 8.5




9 - 9.5




10 - 10.5


Will the items out of stock be restored again?

Fígara is unique because once it is sold out, in general, we will not restock the item, except for some items that have become best sellers like our Rafia or Bolero.

How will I get my refund?

If you have bought the item online, you will need to send us an email to with your order details and we'll tell you how to ship the shoes. The shipment of these will be paid by the customer and once we receive the product in perfect condition, within one week you will receive the full amount of the purchase on your credit card.

If you have bought the item in the ship, you will have to return it in person to this shop and follow the shop’s return policies.

Is there a way to see Fígara in person?

Yes, we have several stores if you prefer to come and try on the shoes in person. Figara does not customize the collections therefore how it appears online is what we will offer you in the stores as well. If you want to see where we sell Fígara, please look at our page on in person shops.

Can I sell Fígara in my shop?

Of course! We love expanding Fígara all over Spain, therefore if you have a multi brand store, write to us and let us know.


Aplazame payment: 

Now more than ever, Fígara makes it very easy for you… if you wish, you can buy your Fígara shoes now and pay later on when it is convenient through  Aplázame. There are many reasons why you may decide to pay later and therefore with Fígara we offer you the possibility to delay/ split the payment of the shoes through the platform Aplázame. Don’t worry, Aplázame is a safe and secure platform that is quick and easy.

Once you have everything in your checkout basket on the website, click pay and there will be several payment options; one of them is the payment method ‘Aplázame.’ It will only take you a few seconds, it is very easy and simple and the very same day you place your order, we will begin preparing it for you.

Choose the ‘Aplázame’ method and fill in our personal details in order to proceed to verify the purchase (email, phone number and the Identity number). You should receive a verification code on your phone, this message has no cost to the client. After this, your request will be ready for you very soon.

The request will be made quickly for you. The conditions of the payment will mean that the maximum amount you can use in installments is €1,000 up to 12 months. In order to grant you an ‘Aplázame’ loan, it is mandatory that there is at least one down payment with a similar amount to the installment. This payment is in addition to the number of installments. If you have purchased a shoe and the financing is 6 months, a total of 7 payments will actually count, one at the time of the payment and 6 more during the following 6 months purchase. The payments are made with the ‘Aplázame’ card. They are only valid for purchases with Spanish credit cards.Granting this loan, is subject to a compliance with a series of requirements set by Aplázame. Of course, you can cancel this loan free of charge at any moment.

The return policy and the right of withdrawal is 14 days to return the product with its receipt. The companies with 0% APR are designed to ease payments, with no change to the conditions or cost to the customer. You can benefit from this if you meet the following requirements: Spanish credit card, Purchase made during the given dates, Installments within a maximum of 12 months. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to assist you at